A Comparative Study of Performance of Kotak- Sensex ETF And ICICI Pru- Sensex ETF

Manish B Raval


For the Indian stock market a new concept of
Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) is introduced. ETF
refers to basket of securities that are tradable at a
stock exchange. Normal mutual funds cannot be
bought and sold online directly from the stock
market but ETF provides these facilities to the
investors. These funds are highly liquid because
the prices of ETFs vary till the operating hours of
stock market. Hence, ETFs give the investors an
opportunity to take the advantage of rise and fall
of the market. In this paper the researcher made
an attempt to compare the performance of two
ETFs viz. Kotak- Sensex ETF and ICICI Pru-
Sensex ETF for the time period of 12 months
starting from April, 2011 and ending on March,


Consumer, Recession, Retail, Services


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