Service Quality Measurement and Change in Consumer Perception in Recession about the Services of Big Bazar Mall in Rajkot

Jayesh B Mehta


Paper focuses on service quality provided by organized retail store in Rajkot. Customer expectations about services they receive are
changing due to economic changes and changes in their purchasing capacity. Research reveals that in certain areas of services there is a
vast difference between expected service and actual service received by the customer. Research was conducted by considering different aspects of service quality measurement tool, SERVQUAL. Organized retailers should
identify the services in which less customer satisfaction is there and try to improve upon those areas of services. Due to less spending capacity customers expect more qualitative service at existing or low price.


Consumer, Recession, Retail, Services


Kotler (2007) Marketing Managemnet. Delhi: Pearsons.

Retail Marketing. Journal of Marketing Management,


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